Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Party~

Ok, So I am new at this whole blogging thing, but I wanted to post my party online somewhere so other moms could use my idea! My daughter loves Toy Story but I didn't want to do a Toy Story theme so I picked the Potato Heads and ran with it! I hope you like her party and it helps you with yours!!

This is her invitation! I loved it!!

These are the party bags that I made. I used brown paper bags and used my Toy Story Cricut cartridge to cut out the pieces.

This was the "make a potato station" I purchased all different kinds of candy and labeled them. We had eyes, ears, nose, earrings, mustache, eyes, eyebrows, teeth. The kids loved it! I purchased the feet cupcake holders at Hobby Lobby.

These are cake balls and I made cupcake toppers and put them in.

This is our "eat a potato" station. I placed potato head pieces in the chip bowls.

"Color a potato" Station. I printed out party potato heads off the internet from Hasbro's website and let the kids color them. We then displayed all their art work.

"Create a potato" This was for the kids to just simply play :) They loved it and it looked super cute for the party!
Banner made with Cricut.

I absolutely LOVED her cake! Everything was edible except their hands :)